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Q: "Why are your prices lower than other retail stores?"
We work in conjunction with overseas manufacturers, helping them clear space in their warehouses of product overruns, overstocked items or cancelled orders from major U.S. retail stores. This win-win situation helps them to create space for new inventory, minimize their losses and lets you save on your purchases.

In many cases Wellness Labs is the original product owner, and therefore we are able to eliminate the "middle-man" which also helps to save you money.

Q: "Why is the material inside not always written in English?"
To eliminate a retail markup, we've requested that the overseas manufacturers package and ship directly to you so that you can save on unnecessary retail markup.

Overall, the products we sell are self-explanatory and do not require written instructions. However, items that would benefit from instructions will be included electronically when available. If you have any questions about the care or operation of your item, please feel free to inquire at

Q: "Why does it take a bit longer than usual to get me?"
The items are shipped directly to you from the overseas manufacturers. Your package may take 15-25 business days to arrive.

Items currently being shipped directly from our North Carolina facility include:
- Cutting Board with Knife Sharpener

Q: "Can I Get A Tracking Number?"
Yes. Once shipped a tracking number will be available and provided upon request.

Q: "Why did my packages arrive separately?"
Orders are placed and shipped from the individual manufacturers that create the product. Your orders will be placed, processed and shipped at the same time and should arrive in close proximity to each other.

Q: "What if I want a refund?"
All you have to do is ask within 30 days of receiving the product. If for any reason your item(s) does not arrive or arrives in a condition not as we promised, you will get a full refund no questions asked. All item(s) are 100% money back guaranteed (less postage and handling).